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Your One-Stop Solution For Transportation, Recreation and Industrial Asphalting in Liverpool

T&L Excavations and Asphalting are an Australian-owned business who specialise in constructing and maintaining all kinds of asphalt surfaces. Every day we work with homeowners, property managers and the local council, to perform asphalting in Liverpool for a range of purposes.

We provide the following services in Liverpool and its surrounding suburbs:


  • Commercial and Residential Roadways, Highways and Freeways
  • Parking Areas
  • Residential and Rural Driveways
  • Airport Runways
  • Taxiways
  • Delivery Bays
  • Industrial Work Sites
  • Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Bike Paths and Running Tracks

The Most Versatile and Superior Performing Asphalt

Our skilled labourers are highly experienced in creating different kinds of hot, warm and cold mixed asphalt. Each mix is crafted according to different requirements, including level of traffic, weather conditions, subgrade quality, and the required level of stress resistance.

The Latest Asphalting and Excavation Machinery

We use the latest equipment and machinery to achieve the best results.

Our steel drum and multi-tyred rollers allow us to create, mix and surface right there on the spot. Emulsion spray trucks quickly resolves signs of surface damage, and greatly extends the life of existing asphalt surfaces.

Our skid steer Bobcats are engineered to excavate large volumes of asphalting in Liverpool quickly and efficiently. While our tipper trucks are capable of handling up to 10,000kg to 15,000kg of raw materials for fast delivery of essential resources.

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